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Increase in rare polio-like virus infections noted in the US

Health Headlines Commentary for October 5, 2016

Source: Worrying spread of mysterious polio-like illness has left more than 100 children paralyzed across America with little hope of recovery – as doctors warn of a new surge in cases  

Follow the bouncing ball: Measles and polio outbreaks playing hopscotch due to low vaccination rates

Madely Health Headlines Commentary for November 15, 2013


Measles cases in Swansea and Neath prompt ‘frustration

Europe at ‘polio risk’ from Syria

Polio strain in Syria originated in Pakistan, WHO confirms

Cases of measles in area holding steady at 20

Measles cases in Wales triple in two weeks after experts warn that TWO MILLION children across the UK are at risk


New drug in early trials can kill most types of viral infections

Madely Health Headlines Commentary for August 30, 2011


New drug could cure nearly any viral infection


Broad-Spectrum Antiviral Therapeutics

Polio outbreak in the Congo illustrates danger of complacency

Madely Health Headlines Commentary for November 11, 2010


Congo Republic Declares a Polio Emergency

This is an illustration of what is presumed to be a safe region after universal polio vaccination yet when the vaccination rate drops off or an enclave of people decides not to vaccinate or who have not been vaccinated, the disease makes a comeback.

There remain parents who continue to reject vaccination for their children and despite their representing a minority, it does not take much to reduce the herd immunity level below the 90-95% level required to protect those who have not been vaccinated.

We need to acknowledge the lessons learned from more unfortunate regions of the world.

CMAJ issues warning over polio outbreak

Madely Health Headlines for June 25, 2010


CMAJ cautions against complacency over polio


CMAJ editorial

Update on the Global Polio Eradication Program of the World Health Organization

How many people remember seeing a child with polio? The success of vaccination programs has created a situation that elegantly illustrates how we think about risk and danger. Because most people have no experience with the disease, many do not perceive it to be a danger anymore. However other areas of the world unfortunately do […]

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