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Exercise can improve sleep quality but CNN fluff piece uses old low quality sleep studies irrelevant to general population

Health Headlines Commentary for May 30, 2017

Source: The healthiest way to improve your sleep: exercise Reference: Dose-response effects of exercise training on the subjective sleep quality of postmenopausal women: exploratory analyses of a randomised controlled trial. The effect of exercise training on obstructive sleep apnea and sleep quality: a randomized controlled trial.

Kid’s inactivity negatively influences bone development

Health Headlines Commentary for March 24, 2017

Source: ‘Couch potato’ youth missing out on crucial bone development, new study finds Reference: Physical Activity, Sedentary Time, and Bone Strength From Childhood to Early Adulthood: A Mixed Longitudinal HR-pQCT study

Mild exercise may hasten recovery in concussed children

Health Headlines Commentary for December 21, 2016

Source: Mild exercise may hasten recovery in concussed children Reference: Association Between Early Participation in Physical Activity Following Acute Concussion and Persistent Postconcussive Symptoms in Children and Adolescents

Children’s activity levels undergoing technological social engineering experiment

Health Headlines Commentary for December 13, 2016

Source: Are Your Children Active Enough?  

Canada has one of the lowest child activity participation rates in the world according to ParticipAction study

Health Headlines Commentary for November 17, 2016

Source: Canadian kids among least active in the world: ParticipAction study  

Observational study concludes that exercising when angry may heart attack risk

Health Headlines Commentary for October 12, 2016

Source: Exercise, anger may trigger heart attacks: McMaster study Reference: Physical Activity and Anger or Emotional Upset as Triggers of Acute Myocardial Infarction

Exercise offsetting cancer risk from alcohol consumption is tenuous at best and a sham at worst

Health Headlines Commentary for September 9, 2016

Source: Exercise may offset health risks of drinking: study Reference: Does physical activity moderate the association between alcohol drinking and all-cause, cancer and cardiovascular diseases mortality? A pooled analysis of eight British population cohorts For proper analysis read this: Can exercise offset some of the harms of […]

Study demonstrates your life expectancy is intertwined with what you eat, drink, smoke, and do

Health Headlines Commentary for August 18, 2016

Source: Canadian life expectancy: This is how much our bad habits cost us Reference: Measuring Burden of Unhealthy Behaviours Using a Multivariable Predictive Approach: Life Expectancy Lost in Canada Attributable to Smoking, Alcohol, Physical Inactivity, and Diet Project Big Life

Muscle repair stymied by alcohol intake? Study says yes if you down 4-8 vodka/waters in 10 min post-exercise. NFK

Health Headlines Commentary for August 15, 2016

Source: Boozing after exercising is WORSE than skipping a work-out altogether: Alcohol ‘stunts muscle growth during exercise recovery period’ Reference: Effect of Acute Alcohol Ingestion on Resistance Exercise Induced mTORC1 Signaling in Human Muscle.

The 1-minute workout? Hold on, just wait a minute!

Health Headlines Commentary for May 2, 2016

Source: The 1-minute workout: How to get fit in 60 seconds — McMaster study Reference: Twelve Weeks of Sprint Interval Training Improves Indices of Cardiometabolic Health Similar to Traditional Endurance Training despite a Five-Fold Lower Exercise Volume and Time Commitment

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