Vaccine choice? They all work. They all prevent what matters most: severe disease and hospitalization. No need to wait for one over the other.

Sunday House Call, #779, February 28, 2021

There are reports about what coronavirus vaccine someone should get. There is a good review of all the vaccines are available. In short, they all work extremely well and are all close to if not at 100% prevention of severe disease and hospitalization. There is no reason to delay vaccination by waiting for one option over another.

Your calls about:

  • Initial public health and political decisions at the time of the pandemic outbreak.
  • Outcomes of autosomal dominant chronic kidney disease
  • Is there anything you can take to prevent Covid-19? Quick answer is That there is no supplement that will help.
  • Repeat blood tests in the emergency room. Caller was uncertain why this was done.
  • Covid-19