Sunday House Call, #848, August 28, 2022: Sealioning with Gish Galloping

The tactics used in the medical misinformation campaigns are legion. I review two common tactics: Gish gallop and sealioning. This leads to Brandolini’s Law.

Plus a claim that potassium cyanide is used in the production of Vitamin B12, is caused for screaming at the top one’s ignorance of chemistry is well represented in this clear explanatory article by Dr. Joe Schwarcz, Director of the McGill Office for Science and Society.

Oh My, There is Cyanide in B12 Supplements. Really.

Your calls about:

  • Ozempic and Wegovy for weight loss management
  • Pantoprazole for treatment of GERD. Long term side effect discussed.
  • Dialysis then and now
  • Post operative pain six months after anterior hip replacement.