Sunday House Call, #775, January 31, 2021: And then there were four.

Two more vaccines, Johnson and Johnson and Novovax, appear to be most effective against the original coronavirus strain but less so against the new variants.

Your calls about:

  • Can you use a pressure cooker to sanitize masks?
  • Can colchicine be used to treat coronavirus infections? Study does not have statistical significance to support this conclusion.
  • What is in the flu vaccine compared to coronavirus vaccine? How do they work?
  • A caller asks if she really needs the vaccine given that people experience common side effects of sore arm, fatigue, muscle aches, etc for the first few days after vaccination.
  • A callers asks what a Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) level of 0.01 means. We discuss Hyperthyroidism and its causes.