Sunday House Call, #623, July 23, 2017: Chili burns your taste buds but not your fat

Sunday House Call, #623,  July , 2017: Chili burns your taste buds but not your fat

Topics today include: Deconstruction of an ad for Chili Burn (TM) in the National Post misrepresents science with its claims of burning your fat to induce weight loss.

Your calls about:

  • A man with Marfan syndrome and a vertebral artery aneurysm. What should he do.
  • Choosing the best sunglasses for a person who has macular degeneration
  • A person with a throat infection for 3 months. What is the explanation for this
  • PGX for glycemic control and weight loss. Another pseudoscience product.
  • A woman with laryngitis for 4 weeks. She is using an inhaled steroid and likely this has contributed to her hoarse voice.