AIDS update

Globally, the the AIDs epidemic is creating tremendous human suffering and for many, a death that could have been prevented or significantly delayed.

Prevention programs in existence for a time have begun to show positive results in countries that are having difficulty controlling the spread of the disease. However as some of these programs become less vigilant, as in Thailand and Uganda, infections rates continue to climb. Canada is no exception. Rates are increasing here as well.

Participants from around the world will gather on Aug 13th to 18th to attend the 16th International AIDS Conference in Toronto and share the latest evidence and ideas in HIV/AIDS research, policies and programs with a focus on prevention, treatment and care delivery to communities throughout the world.

  • Dr. Mark Wainberg, OC, OQ, PhD Co-Chair, XVI International AIDS Conference & Chair, AIDS 2006 Toronto Local Host, and Director, McGill University AIDS Centre Lady Davis Institute, Jewish General Hospital and Professor Molecular Biology/Virology at Faculty of Medicine McGill University.

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