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Sunday House Call, #570, April 17, 2016

Sunday House Call, #570,  April 17, 2016 Topics today include: Giardia infection, Grave’s Disease treatment, vagus nerve stimulation for stroke treatment under study, allergy testing, use of prolia for osteoporosis, and change in stool size requires colonoscopy to evaluate for bowel disease.

Sunday House Call, #569, April 10, 2016: Big surprise! There’s prescription medication in your natural health supplements.

Sunday House Call, #569,  April 10, 2016: Big surprise! There’s prescription medication in your natural health supplements.   Topics today include:The supplement industry and why purchasing certain workout supplements could have negative effects if you don’t account for your previous health issues.  Questions about curious sugar level readings, hair transplants versus pigmentation, treating constipation in […]

Sunday House Call, #568, April 3, 2016

Sunday House Call, #568,  April 3, 2016 Topics today include:The reporting of how medications affect the people who take them. The callers’ topics this week include getting the shingles vaccine with low immunity, pain medications for osteoarthritis, do vitamins help after surgery?, ringing in the ears, links between depression and smoking, and what exactly monoclonal […]

Sunday House Call, #567, March 27, 2016: Novel studies, exciting times

Sunday House Call, #567,  March 27, 2016 Topics today include:A trial that aims to “stall’ type 1 diabetes, a novel treatment study to eliminate HIV infection using CRISPR, stem cell study to look at treating osteoporosis, and a new online test for non-melanoma skin cancer risk. Your calls about torn shoulder tendons, stents to repair […]

Sunday House Call, #566, March 20, 2016: This won’t hurt a bit

Sunday House Call, #566,  March 20, 2016 Topics today include a study that states that acetaminophen is not that great for relieving the pain from osteoarthritis, what vampires have to do with medicine, whether curved nails are a sign of a medical condition, what causes the feeling of stepping on a rock that isn’t there, […]

Sunday House Call, #565, March 13, 2016: The eyes have it!

Sunday House Call, #565,  March 13, 2016   Topics today include:Today’s Op-Ed: Stem cells are being used to replace the need for further surgery to repair eye lenses for children with cataracts. Dr. Dworkin also answers questions based on cramps, compassion fatigue, plastic surgery and fibromyalgia.  

Sunday House Call, #564, February 28, 2016: Getting off the drug train

  Sunday House Call, #564,  February 28, 2016: Getting off the drug train   Topics today include: New initiative to reduce polypharmacy among the elderly, long-term side effects of proton pump inhibitor medications for the treatment of ulcers and reglux disease, PSA tests, and newer anticoagulant medications for atrial fibrillation.  

Sunday House Call, #563, February 21, 2016: Innovative cancer research

Sunday House Call, #563,  February 21, 2016;: Innovative cancer research Topics today include: Nanobubbles sound out microtumours, what are nutlins and what is their role in cancer treatment?, adding up x-ray exposure at x-rayrisk.com, swollen feet, donating blood, and heart disease care.

Sunday House Call, #562, February 14, 2016: Zika: Hold on there may be another explanation!

Sunday House Call, #562,  February 14, 2016   Topics today include: The Zika virus hysteria is an excellent example of correlation and causality logical fallacies. Plus your calls about recurrent gout, pain control while awaiting hip surgery, blood in the urine, heart murmurs, and TMJ.  

Sunday House Call, #561, February 7, 2016: The Zika Conundrum

Sunday House Call, #561,  February 7, 2016: The Zika Conundrum Topics today include: Columbia reports that over 3,000 Zika-infected pregnant women had normal babies. No microcephaly reported. If verified, the question of correlation and causality needs to be determined before any conclusions are drawn. Your questions about diabetes medications, Lyme disease, osteoarthritis of the thumb, […]

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