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Sunday House Call, #589, October 16, 2016: Opiate chemical weapons hit the west coast of Canada

Sunday House Call, #589,  October 16, 2016   Topics today include:The dangers of Carfentanil. Your questions about hip and back pain, loss of vision from migraines, returning to an exercise regimen after a hernia repair, testosterone dosing, and a blue tinge to the legs.  

Sunday House Call, #588, October 9, 2016: New law (Bill 119) allows Ont Gvt access to your private medical records without a warrant

Sunday House Call, #588,  October 9, 2016: Welcome to the Ontario Ministry of Health Gulag Topics today include: The Ontario Ministry of Health is set to completely run roughshod over all aspects of the health care system from accessing patients’ personal medical information without warrant to empowering local bureaucrats to interfere with the physicians’ medical […]

Sunday House Call, #586, September 18, 2016: Oxymoronic Organic Gatorade

Sunday House Call, #586,  September 18, 2016: Oxymoronic Organic Gatorade Topics today include: Gatorade’s foray into the “organic” spectrum, optic nerve damage, arm injuries, and blister formation in the throat.  

Sunday House Call, #585, September 11, 2016

Sunday House Call, #585,  September 11, 2016 Topics today include: The studies not getting media coverage you SHOULD be getting excited about! Your calls cover topics like hyperhidrosis, Bell’s palsy, colitis, hepatitis, and the signs of liver disease.

Sunday House Call, #584, August 28, 2016: The Sneeze Olympics

Sunday House Call, #584,  August 28, 2016 Topics today include: What happens when you sneeze? How far does the puff cloud travel? Your questions about kidney stobnes, Baker’s Cyst, kidney disease blood tests, and devices that clear out arterial plaques.

Sunday House Call, #583, August 14, 2016

Sunday House Call, #583,  August 14, 2016   Topics today include: Sweating and allergies, leg cramps and its causes, citrulline supplements, live liver transplant testing, sexual dysfunction from antidepressant use, and symptoms of low calcium blood levels.  

Sunday House Call, #582, August 7, 2016: Health Care death by a thousand cuts

Sunday House Call, #582, August 7, 2016: Health Care death by a thousand cuts   Topics today include: Dr. Dworkin is joined by Dr. David Jacobs as they discuss the new OMA agreement and how it will affect your access to health services. Moving on to caller’s questions, he gives advice on the idea of […]

Sunday House Call, #581, July 31, 2016: Your corporate socially-engineered breakfast

  Sunday House Call, #581, July 31, 2016: Your corporate socially-engineered breakfast   Topics today include:How marketing has influenced our eating behaviour to the point of normalcy. Your questions about femoroacetabular impingement, plantar fasciitis, a fall resulting in a fractured wrist, post nasal drip, treating diverticulitis, and occular cellulitis.  

Sunday House Call, #580, July 24, 2016: Perish plane peanut prohibition protocols

Sunday House Call, #580,  July 24, 2016; Perish plane peanut prohibition protocols Topics today include:The lack of evidence for peanut bans on airplanes, Hereditary aspect of diffuse gastric cancer, the danger and causes of ocular migraines,rebutting misinformation from an anti-vaccination advocate friend about polio vaccine, blood pressure medications, pain after removal of uretal stents,  and the […]

Sunday House Call, #579, July 17, 2016; Hungry Fruit Flies

Sunday House Call, #579,  July 17, 2016; Hungry Fruit Flies   Topics today include: A study that artificial sweeteners could increase appetite by 30 per cent in fruit flies. But that is not how it is being reported in the media. Questions about acid reflux, treatment for blocked arteries, narrowed heart valves, diabetic neuropathy, and […]

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