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Sunday House Call, #606, March 26, 2017: Medical news butchery

Sunday House Call, #606,  March 26, 2017 Topics today include: An excellent report by Tom Hauser of KTSP-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul on medical news reporting. He interviews Dr. Gary Schwitzer, publisher of HealthNewsReview.org about how badly news outlets report health news. Your calls about a caller experiencing numbness in his lower legs and feet who […]

Sunday House Call, #605, March 19, 2017: How “clinics” are turning stem cells into snake oil

Sunday House Call, #605,  March 19, 2017 Topics today include: The business of promoting not-ready-for-prime-time stem cell treatments. Your calls about bruising after a fall, some causes of pitting edema, treatment of stage 1 melanoma, recovery time after total hip replacement, and should shingles vaccine be given to someone who has had shincgles?  

Sunday House Call, #604, March 12, 2017: Where do you get your news?

Sunday House Call, #604,  March 12, 2017 Topics today include: The best science and medicine websites for accurate and evidenced-based information. Your calls about Barrett’s esophagus, Hip pain, Mumps, and loss of vision in the Right eye.

Sunday House Call, #603, March 5, 2017: How sweet it is!

Sunday House Call, #603,  March 5, 2017: How sweet it is! Topics today include: Reasearchers produce non-addictive Fentanyl in rat study and urine in swimming polls monitored by the sweetness of the water. Your calls about treating fungal toe nail infections, sciatica diagnosis and management, diminished appetite problems in an ailing father, loss of taste after […]

Sunday House Call, #602, February 26, 2017: Medical access, where art thou?

Sunday House Call, #602,  February 26, 2017 Topics today include: The ongoing issue of patients not receiving timely access to health services. Your calls about the differences between a stent and a pacemaker, chronic foor pain from diabetes, indications for lung transplant, the “one visit, one medical problem” policy of walk-in clinics, treament of toemail […]

Sunday House Call, #601, February 19, 2017: New concepts in diabetes management

Sunday House Call, #601,  February 19, 2017 Topics today include stem cell therapies to treat stroke patients are not ready for prime time despite “treatment centres” hype, Pericarditis, reflux disease, food allergies versus intolerances, PMR (polymyalgia rheumatica), and flu vaccines. New research in Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes management.


Sunday House Call, #600, February 12, 2017: Those daily doses of sugar

Sunday House Call, #600,  February 12, 2017: Those daily doses of sugar It’s the 600th edition of Sunday House Call! In today’s op-ed: How the normalization of drinking soda as part of our diet will impact the future. Yourour calls on healthy versus unhealthy oils, the outlook for Guillain-Barre syndrome, and at-home treatments for back injuries! […]

Sunday House Call, #599, February 5, 2017: The Food Industry is your child’s mentor and best friend

Sunday House Call, #599,  February 5, 2017 Topics today include: Dr Yoni Freedhoff joins me to discuss the Heart and Strokes rationale for recommending that food advertising be banned for children between 2 and 11 years of age. Your calls about PSA tests and prostate biopsy, possible retinal detachment symptoms, and ceramic hip replacements.

Sunday House Call, #598, January 15, 2016: Just a little peanut

Sunday House Call, #598,  January 15, 2016 Topics today include: New guidelines for peanut exposure in infants and children. You calls about back pain, groin injuries, pain relief, fungal infection of the nail, blood pressure and fatty liver, and controlling nosebleeds.  

Sunday House Call, #597, January 8, 2016: Star Trek Tricorder comes to life

Sunday House Call, #597,  January 8, 2016: Star Trek Tricorder comes to life Topics today include: The XPrize Tricorder Competition Your calls about the value of licorice to treeat ylcers (there isn’t), male pattern baldeness and the use of finasteride (Proepecia) to slow down hair loss, a review of norovirus, low platelet counts, sore ribs, […]

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