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Sunday House Call, #598, January 15, 2016: Just a little peanut

Sunday House Call, #598,  January 15, 2016 Topics today include: New guidelines for peanut exposure in infants and children. You calls about back pain, groin injuries, pain relief, fungal infection of the nail, blood pressure and fatty liver, and controlling nosebleeds.  

Sunday House Call, #597, January 8, 2016: Star Trek Tricorder comes to life

Sunday House Call, #597,  January 8, 2016: Star Trek Tricorder comes to life Topics today include: The XPrize Tricorder Competition Your calls about the value of licorice to treeat ylcers (there isn’t), male pattern baldeness and the use of finasteride (Proepecia) to slow down hair loss, a review of norovirus, low platelet counts, sore ribs, […]

Sunday House Call, #596, December 18, 2016: Your “natural, additive-free” cigarette. Marketing madness takes its next logical step.

Sunday House Call, #596,  December 18, 2016 Topics today include: Why marketing products  the word “natural” and “additive-free” means nothing yet carries strong emotional responses. The latest survey amongst cigarette smokers takes this response to new levels of misconception and misinformation. Your calls about shingles, vitamin C, urinary obstruction in a 90 year-old woman, and others. […]

Sunday House Call, #595, December 4, 2016

Sunday House Call, #595,  December 4, 2016 Topics today include:Pharmacies offering tests for strep throat and the flu: Why this is not good medicine. Your calls about polyps, tinnitus, and snake-oil to slow down your aging process.

Sunday House Call, #594, November 27, 2016: Let’s treat likes its 1796!

Sunday House Call, #594,  November 27, 2016: Let’s treat likes its 1796! Topics today include: The U.S. Federal Trade Commission lays down the law on homeopathic remedies (full release here). Your questions about a longstanding itchy scalp, dental implants, bagged vegetables, Alternatives to the blood pressure medication Coversyl, and parents who believes in alternative medicine […]

Sunday House Call, #593, November 20, 2016: Health headline tomfoolery

Sunday House Call, #593,  November 20, 2016 Topics today include: Misleading health headlines and stories critically reviewed at HealthNewsReview.org. Your questions about diverticulosis and signs and symptoms of bowel perforation, pain behind the knee of an 86 year-old woman, safety studies on aspartame, muscles of the ischial region of the pelvis, natural sleep medication review, […]

Sunday House Call, #592, November 6, 2016

Sunday House Call, #592,  November 6, 2016 Topics today include: The 12 top innovations of the year, and your health questions.  

Sunday House Call #591, October 30, 2016: Hookworm spit to save the day!

Sunday House Call, #591,  October 30, 2016: Hookworm spit to save the day! Topics today include: How hookworms may provide clue to treating asthma and eczema, GM mosquitoes to be used in Brazil town to eradicate Aedes aegyypti populations. Your questions about how naturopathic remedies are regulated in Canada, parasitic infections, Prevnar vaccine recommendation for […]

Sunday House Call, #590, October 23, 2016: New perspectives on the Tasmanian Devil

Sunday House Call, #590,  October 23, 2016: New perspectives on the Tasmanian Devil Topics today include: Resveratrol found in wine, chocolate, nuts, and grapes, and blackberries may assist in the treatment of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome as reported in a new clinical study. How Tasmanian Devils’ milk may help discover chemical compounds that kill superbugs. Your calls […]

Sunday House Call, #589, October 16, 2016: Opiate chemical weapons hit the west coast of Canada

Sunday House Call, #589,  October 16, 2016   Topics today include:The dangers of Carfentanil. Your questions about hip and back pain, loss of vision from migraines, returning to an exercise regimen after a hernia repair, testosterone dosing, and a blue tinge to the legs.  

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