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Sunday House Call, #614, May 21, 2017: Your TV disease of the week

Sunday House Call, #614,  May 21, 2017 Topics today include: Direct to consumer advertising by pharmaceutical companies rife with bias and disease-mongering. Steroid injection of osteoarthritic knees no better than placebo. Your calls about cortisone injections, d-dimer tests for blood clots, sore knees, mould exposure, and lifespan of hip replacements.  

Sunday House Call, #613, May 14, 2017: The anti-vaxer playbook and tactics

Sunday House Call, #613,  May 14, 2017 Topics today include: Antivaxer tactics; posing as vaccination advocates as they stab you in the back. Post lung cancer surgery exhaustion, the necessity of pacemakers, HPV vaccine and parental responsibility, knee replacements, and psoriasis.

Sunday House Call, #612, May 7, 2017: Come to Minnesota! We have Measles!

Sunday House Call, #612,  May 7, 2017: Come to Minnesota! We have Measles! Topics today include: The antivax movement effect on the Minnesota Somali population results in the largest measles outbreak in 30 years, debunking an antivax letter to the editor in the National Post. Your calls about blood tests used to diagnose rheumatoid arthritis, […]

Sunday House Call, #611, April 30, 2017: Just exercise more and that will solve everything

Sunday House Call, #611,  April 30, 2017 Topics today include: “Napercise”, Dr. Yoni Freehoff comments on statements about obesity by Senator Kelvin Ogilvie who chaired Canada’s obesity crisis. Your calls about treatments for Rosacea, long term effects of allergy medications and more.

Sunday House Call, #610, April 23, 2017: Frog slime flu killer and arsenic-laced-kelp supplements

Sunday House Call, #610, April 23, 2017: Frog slime flu killer and arsenic-laced-kelp supplements Topics today include:A report on inaccurate kelp supplement labeling and how frog slime offers clues to combat the flu. Your calls about Steivia, diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, blood sugar levels,  and enlarged lymph nodes

Sunday House Call, #609, April 16, 2017: The prostate cancer screening gamble: USPSTF updates recommendations

Sunday House Call, #609, April 16, 2017: The prostate cancer screening gamble: USPSTF updates recommendations Topics today include: An excellent review of the US Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) update on prostate cancer screening with a great graphic to outline the issues. Your calls about blood pressure medication, osteoporosis medication choices and is drinking Ensure when […]

Sunday House Call, #608, April 09, 2017: Avoiding unnecessary testing

Sunday House Call, #608,  April 09, 2017 Topics today include: Choosing Wisely Canada has produced more information about tests that are not recommended for routine use for many common conditions.

Sunday House Call, #607, April 2, 2017: Graduating from Google Medical Academy

Sunday House Call, #607,  April 2, 2017 Topics today include:Google oversimplifies many medical issues and diagnoses. Your calls about Bone density testing, recovery time from chemotherapy, Do healthy people need B vitamin supplementation?, and when to refer to a kidney specialist. [display_podcast

Sunday House Call, #606, March 26, 2017: Medical news butchery

Sunday House Call, #606,  March 26, 2017 Topics today include: An excellent report by Tom Hauser of KTSP-TV in Minneapolis-St. Paul on medical news reporting. He interviews Dr. Gary Schwitzer, publisher of HealthNewsReview.org about how badly news outlets report health news. Your calls about a caller experiencing numbness in his lower legs and feet who […]

Sunday House Call, #605, March 19, 2017: How “clinics” are turning stem cells into snake oil

Sunday House Call, #605,  March 19, 2017 Topics today include: The business of promoting not-ready-for-prime-time stem cell treatments. Your calls about bruising after a fall, some causes of pitting edema, treatment of stage 1 melanoma, recovery time after total hip replacement, and should shingles vaccine be given to someone who has had shincgles?  

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