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Study that suggests LDL (bad) cholesterol does not casue heart disease is an example of cherry-picking the evidence and flawed design

Health Headlines Commentary for June 16, 2016

Source: Controversial study suggests bad cholesterol does not cause heart disease Reference: Study says there’s no link between cholesterol and heart disease

Barley barely has a clinical impact on lowering “bad cholesterol” despite study headlines to the contrary

Health Headlines Commentary for June 15, 2016

Source: Barley can help lower ‘bad’ cholesterol: Canadian study Reference: A systematic review and meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials of the effect of barley β-glucan on LDL-C, non-HDL-C and apoB for cardiovascular disease risk reduction

Study finds lifestyle choices have impact on health outcomes more so than genetic predisposition

Health Headlines Commentary for June 14, 2016

Source: Lifestyle changes could save Canadian men millions of dollars Reference: How Much Does Tobacco, Smoking, Alcohol Use and Excess Weight Cost Individual Canadian Men?

Guidelines released to provide general recommendation for children’s sleep time

Health Headlines Commentary for June 13, 2016

Source: New research lays out kids’ sleep guidelines by age Reference: Recharge With Sleep: Pediatric Sleep Recommendations Promoting Optimal Health

Brilliant research produces excellent outcomes for people with aggressive relapsing MS

Health Headlines Commentary for June 10, 2016

Source: MS breakthrough: Replacing diseased immune system halts progression and allows repair Clinical trial suggests chemo and blood stem cell combination therapy should be considered for people with early, aggressive MS JUNE 9, 2016 – OTTAWA, CANADA – A clinical trial published in The Lancet, a top […]

Most antidepressants do not work for children and adolescents

Health Headlines Commentary for June , 2016

Source: Study: Most antidepressants don’t work for young patients Reference: Antidepressants fail, but no cause for therapeutic gloom

BBQ hamburgers may need greater cooking temperature to kill bacteria

Health Headlines Commentary for June 8, 2016

Source: Burgers may need higher cooked temperature to be safe, research shows Reference: Ground beef may need higher cooking temperature to be safe

Listeria recalls are nothing new because of human nature and nature itself

Health Headlines Commentary for June 6, 2016

Source: Listeria forces recall of chocolate milk, sunflower seeds and trail mix bars  

Prince’s opioid overdose and the evidence for harms of prostate cancer screening in normal risk men

Health Headlines Commentary for June 3, 2016

Source: Prince died of accidental overdose of opioid fentanyl, medical examiner says  

Normalizing fast and processed food in our society is a significant contributor to future development of chronic diseases

Health Headlines Commentary for June 2, 2016

Source: Forget about fats – it’s PROCESSED food we should be worried about, academic claims  

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