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Disconnect between brain damage and cognitive problems reported by former concussed NHL players

Health Headlines Commentary for April 24, 2017

Source: Study on former NHL players and concussions yields surprising early results Reference: Cognitive and psychosocial function in retired professional hockey players

Double blind study debunks vein-widening procedure for MS

Health Headlines Commentary for March 9, 2017

Source: ‘Scientific quackery’: UBC study says it’s debunked controversial MS procedure  

Observational study cannot establish link between increased ALS risk and mercury in fish

Health Headlines Commentary for February 21, 2017

Source: Mercury in fish, seafood may be linked to higher risk of ALS, study suggests Reference: that will be presented at the American Academy of Neurology’s 69th annual meeting in Boston in April 2017.

Blood test for Parkinson’s in early stage but represents good science

Health Headlines Commentary for February 9, 2017

Source: Blood test might make Parkinson’s diagnosis easier, study says Simple blood test may be accurate in differentiating between Parkinson’s disease and APDs Reference: Blood-based NfL A biomarker for differential diagnosis of parkinsonian disorder

Eating mushrooms to prevent alzheimer’s? Well maybe in mice.

Health Headlines Commentary for February 1, 2017

Source: Could regularly eating mushrooms prevent dementia and Alzheimer’s disease? Reference: Edible and Medicinal Mushrooms: Emerging Brain Food for the Mitigation of Neurodegenerative Diseases

Mild exercise may hasten recovery in concussed children

Health Headlines Commentary for December 21, 2016

Source: Mild exercise may hasten recovery in concussed children Reference: Association Between Early Participation in Physical Activity Following Acute Concussion and Persistent Postconcussive Symptoms in Children and Adolescents

Media reports to the contrary, study does not imply that autism can be treated with a simple pill

Health Headlines Commentary for October 20, 2016

Source: A pill to cure autism? Study identifies defect in sufferers’ cells – that could be treated by existing medication Reference: Impaired Mitochondrial Dynamics and Mitophagy in Neuronal Models of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

16 year-old boy develops stroke after receiving a hickey? Maybe, but autopsy may provide the evidence

Health Headlines Commentary for September 2, 2016

Source: Mexican teen dies of a stroke after a ‘HICKEY given by his 24-year-old girlfriend formed a blood clot that traveled to his brain’  

Lack of evidence that painkillers like naproxen are helpful for treating Alzheimer’s disease

Health Headlines Commentary for September 1, 2016

Source: Painkillers may be able to stave off Alzheimer’s: Drugs may calm rogue immune response thought to fuel the disease  

Lyme disease misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s in Kris Kristofferson

Health Headlines Commentary for July 21, 2016

Source: Kris Kristofferson’s Lyme disease misdiagnosed as Alzheimer’s  

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