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Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health calls upon city council to regulate the promotion and selling caffeine drug-delivery-systems to children

Health Headlines Commentary for March 22, 2017

Source: Age restrictions on energy drinks? Toronto health board says, yes  

Hospital overcrowding is here to stay if government remains hooked on its own dogma

Health Headlines Commentary for March 14, 2017

Source: Ottawa’s hospital overcrowding no mere ‘blip,’ experts warn  

Skipping breakfast study cannot make clear link to increased risk of heart disease; many other factors involved of which it is one.

Health Headlines Commentary for January 31, 2017

Source: DON’T skip breakfast! Official advice warns that missing out on a morning meal raises the risk of obesity, heart disease and diabetes Reference: Skipping Breakfast Increases Heart Risk

Do repeat yearly flu shots lose their efficacy?

Health Headlines Commentary for December 7, 2016

Source: Repeat flu shots are effective, right? Mounting evidence questions that advice Reference: Presented at the Canadian Immunization Conference in Ottawa week of December 6, 2016

Before screening toddlers cholesterol level to predict genetic risk of heart disease, long-term outcome and risk/benefit need to be fleshed out

Health Headlines Commentary for October 27, 2016

Source: Cholesterol tests for toddlers sound crazy but may help prevent heart disease Reference: Study recommends screening toddlers for heart disease risk

Flu vaccine season begins and so does the informed and misinformed commentary

Health Headlines Commentary for October 26, 2016

Source: Flu shots now available at pharmacies, doctor’s offices  

Opiate crisis in Ontario leads to medication updates and increases in support services

Health Headlines Commentary for October 14, 2016

Source: Ontario expands use of Suboxone to battle growing opioid crisis Ottawa police find fentanyl mixed in seized cocaine  

No magical supplements or vacuous pseudoscientific practices needed for disease prevention. Basic lifestyle changes are all that is required

Health Headlines Commentary for September23 , 2016

Source: How to cut YOUR chances of getting cancer: Expert reveals 8 proven ways to help protect against the deadly disease    

The growing threat of superbug proliferation in part due to our mishandling of antibiotic use

Health Headlines Commentary for September 22, 2016

Source: How superbugs are threatening Canada and the world  

Antibacterial ingredients in soap ban by FDA is the right decision

Health Headlines Commentary for September 20, 2016

Source: Reality check: Is antibacterial soap bad for us? Reference: Antibacterial Cleaning Products and Drug Resistance

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