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Fentanyl invading Ottawa increasingly responsible for greater proportion of overdoses

Health Headlines Commentary for May 25, 2017

Source: Provincial stats show fentanyl now Ottawa’s deadliest drug  

New opioid prescribing rules will hep physicians reduce opioid use.

Health Headlines Commentary for May 8, 2017

Source: New prescribing guidelines look to cut use of opioids Reference: Guideline for opioid therapy and chronic noncancer pain

Ontario government wants to try using retirement homes to ease overcrowded hospitals

Health Headlines Commentary for May 3, 2017

Source: Ontario government to test giving seniors retirement home stays to ease overcrowded hospitals  

Improving access to suboxone to treat opioid addiction

Health Headlines Commentary for May 2, 2017

Source: Parent of drug-addicted teen pushes for easier access to Suboxone

Some reasons for Canada’s falling vaccination rates

Health Headlines Commentary for May 1, 2017

Source: Who’s really to blame for Canada’s falling vaccination rates? It’s not just anti-vaxxers, report says Reference: In Need of a Booster: How to Improve Childhood Vaccination Coverage in Canada

The complexities of Ontario’s opioid crisis

Health Headlines Commentary for April 20, 2017

Source: Two people a day die of opioid ODs in Ontario: study Reference: Latest Trends in Opioid-Related Deaths in Ontario: 1991 to 2015

CFIA: Traces of parts per billion of herbicide glyphosate in some foods pose little to no risk to human health

Health Headlines Commentary for April 17, 2017

Source: Nearly 30% of food products contain residue of pesticide glyphosate: CFIA report Reference: Safeguarding with Science: Glyphosate Testing in 2015-2016

Nurse who constructively critiqued grandfather’s palliative care financially bludgeoned by Sask RNA ruling

Health Headlines Commentary for April 12, 2017

Source: Sask. nurse to fight $26K fine for Facebook comments about grandfather’s care Nurse who ‘vented’ online found guilty of professional misconduct  

Reaping the rewards of fake science anti-vaxxers; Measles outbreaks in Europe and Mumps in Canada

Health Headlines Commentary for April 11, 2017

Source: Mumps outbreak could climb as high as 600 cases before waning Measles in Europe: Romania and Italy hit hardest  

Toronto’s Medical Officer of Health calls upon city council to regulate the promotion and selling caffeine drug-delivery-systems to children

Health Headlines Commentary for March 22, 2017

Source: Age restrictions on energy drinks? Toronto health board says, yes  

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