Sunday House Call Cancelled

It is with great disappointment that I must announce that future editions of Sunday House Call have been cancelled. I would like to thank the listeners who have supported the show and have made those two hours on Sunday a special time for me for the past five and a half years. It was the only evidenced-based medical show in Canada that provided a forum for information and assistance to the public during a time when medical care continues to be rationed and the time to answer questions about health in a comprehensive fashion is limited.

I will be making every effort to try to get the show back on the air because I believe it provides a tremendous public service and acted as an island of concise, evidenced-based medical information amongst a sea of pseudoscience and misinformation.

A special thank you to Jennifer Csiffary,  producer of Sunday House Call without whom the show would not have had the amazing guests we were able to bring into your homes.

The concept and the person who brought the show to you is Dave Mitchell, who was CFRA’s Program Director until this week. This is a man of vision and clarity who created a powerhouse of a talk radio station, the best in Canada. Thank you Dave for your support of the show. There is no one who will replace your talent and experience that you brought to the station.

Should you have any comments about this news please email Steve Winogron, Program Director at CFRA at or call 613-789-2486 x 4219.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday House Call Cancelled”

  1. I can’t believe that this program was cancelled – it was such an informative service to such a wide audience. I hope there will be a way to continue it in some fashion. I will now have to search for things to download to my iPod, as there’s not much to listen to on CFRA anymore. Perhaps there should be a rally or get-together or something special to mark the day that would have featured episode 300 (January 24?). Thank you for the health improvements that so many enjoy thanks to what we’ve learned from the show. All the best.

  2. Thank you for your kind words Mr. Brown.

    Indeed, there is precedent when people are willing to voice their opinion about a show’s demise, decisions were reversed.

    I am frustrated that I will not have the same opportunity to provide a medical show that was unique in Canada. I am proud of what we accomplished and of the loyal following of our listeners who always provided great questions and support for the show. We stayed ahead of the news curve and if you look at some of the past interviews from years ago, only now are some of these issues, like Vitamin D, being picked up by the mainstream media.

    The station needs to hear from the silent majority. It does matter.


    Barry Dworkin MD

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